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Two five one minor progression jazz backing track

This backing track helps you study the  Two Five One progression, (or  II -V- I)  in minor keys. One of the most important progressions, and indispensable for Jazz.

The Video plays the 2-5-1 (in twelve different keys) descending one semitone, that is, chromatically descending each time we change key.

In the picture, you can see the minor progressions in all keys, for different instrument tuning. Instruments in E Flat, instruments in C, instruments in B flat.

2-5-1 minor progression in all keys
2-5-1 minor progression

Backing Track with the full II-V-I minor progression in all keys

If you want to practice each minor two five one individually, here you have the backing tracks for all keys (standard tuning, check the picture to see the equivalent):

F#m7(b5)  B7  Em7   (II- V- I E minor) 

Fm7(b5)  Bb7  Ebm7   (II- V- I E-flat minor)

Em7(b5) A7 Dm7  (II- V- I D minor)

Ebm7(b5) Ab7 Dbm7  (II- V- I D-flat minor)

Dm7(b5) G7 Cm7  (II- V- I C minor)

C#m7(b5) F#7 Bm7  (II- V- I B minor)

Cm7(b5) F7 Bbm7  (II- V- I B-flat minor)

Bm7(b5) E7 Am7  (II- V- I A minor)

Bbm7(b5) Eb7 Abm7  (II- V- I A-flat minor)

Am7(b5) D7 Gm7  (II- V- I G minor)

G#m7(b5) C#7 F#m7  (II- V- I F-sharp minor)

Gm7(b5) C7 Fm7  (II- V- I F minor)

Backing Tracks The Visual Sound Method
Backing Tracks The Visual Sound Method

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