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TVSMethod by Seba Crispo

Hello fellow musicians! 

Here you will find videos that will help you learn and memorize your saxophone scales without the instrument.

I will also be creating acoustic backing tracks to help you practice your scales and chord changes.

You will find as well some graphic fingering charts and other resources for saxophone.

I don’t intend to cover everything related to saxophone study, harmony and theory, there’s a lot of cool material and websites around the web. The objective is to focus on some specific areas, to help us improve and complement saxophone techniques.

All videos can be found also in my Youtube channel  The Visual Sound Method. For a good user experience on this site, I recommend you disable the auto play function  on Youtube, this way they don’t automatically show you unrelated contents at the end of each video and you can easily replay.

Feel free to comment, send feedback, and contribute to this project.

Thanks for being here, I’m doing this for you, I believe in sharing knowledge, I learn a lot from the efforts of others, and I hope this  materials bring something to you!

Sebastian ‘Seba’ Crispo 



Coltrane in the studio
Coltrane in the studio